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I recently had a reading with Jenny , I found her to be very knowledgable in all aspects of astrology, and she explained things thoroughly to me. I thought the reading was very accurate and insightful. She answered any questions I had with ease and I felt very relaxed throughout. I came away from the reading with more understanding of myself. I enjoyed my reading and would reccomend it

Laura Sheridan

Jenny did an excellent job of providing detailed astrological information. I’ve had a lot of astrology readings and this was the best I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her or get a reading as gift!

Lauren Hermann

I loved my reading with Jenny, she's very knowledgeable, intuitive, and kind hearted with her insights. My astrology reading was spot on. I highly recommend it. Thanks Jenny!

Camela Coggins

Jen's interpretation of my birth chart was enlightening and comforting. The way she described things touched deeply on what's happened in my life and thoughts in my mind of how I see my life in the future. She captured my goals and aspirations and gave me information to help move me forward. It was alot of information that I will gleefully unpack over the next few weeks. Thank you Jen!

Margaret Scarborough Greer

I have been working with Jenny for the past year. Her readings and energy photos have been a huge help in my spiritual and metaphysical journey. When a new guide or energy would present itself or something was ready to be released, her validations and clarifications were spot on. When I needed a pick-me-up or a reminder of how far I have come in my personal healing, her energetic photos were the perfect piece of energy medicine at just the right time. Overall her loving support and guidance has been an amazing gift to me. Many, many thanks to you, Jenny!!

Leslie Brazelle Rishkofski

I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Jenny , very interesting and detailed , I’d recommend it to anyone that would love to get more insight into their astrological journey. Jenny delivers the reading in an enthusiastic, calm and informative way . Thank you ⭐️

Lorraine Bergin

Jenny gave me the most beautiful reading along with an amazing image on which I can meditate. I love the image she created from a photo that I had provided for her. I love this process! It speaks to me strongly as I am a visual artist and flower lover. I had given her a picture of a flower I loved, and she created a mandala out of it, which I treasure. The reading provided insights on my energy and brought some things into my consciousness that I need to be aware of. I highly recommend having a reading with Jenny. She is a very talented and compassionate reader, and I am happy to know her.

Wendy Michelle

Hi everybody just a little note to tell you how good jenny was. I was blown away by the accuracy of her ability to read my timeliness of astro stars 🌟 Things she had told me made sense to me right away and her delivery in doing so had put me at ease as I was a bit nervous. All the best in the future 5 star review 👌

Seany Power

Jenny, you are amazing! The astrology reading I had was spot on. She is so knowledgeable and explains everything with ease. 10/10

Danielle Southern Kleven

What an amazing reading I received from Jenny! Such a beautiful connection and interpretation of me, my path, my journey all from the special image I sent her...all on point and delivered with such grace and flow. It was like she was speaking right to my soul and my spirit resonated with such a high vibration of energy which was both energizing and soothing at the same time! Exactly the things I 'needed' to hear at the perfect moment! So divinely in-tuned. I highly recommend Jenny and her work.

Nicol Jackson

Jenny blew me away with her reading. She described things happening deep within me, my life's purpose, and even gave guidance to help me along the way. Her interdimensional sensitivity is otherworldly. It's like she gets into your cells and reads from there. Truly beautiful reading. I feel very expanded from it. Thank you.

Margaret A Scarborough

Jenny gave me a reading that was chock full of beautifully guided information and much needed healing. I have gone back to the recorded session several times to process and receive the information. Thank you, Jenny Kinsella

Allyson Wallbridge

I really appreciate Jenny for giving a relationship reading for my son .I found it 100 % correct and I fully resonate with her.She has an amazing and unique style of reading.I would recommend Lightworker Alchemy for their genuine and trustworthy work.Thank you Jenny

Simran Rehill

Jenny gave me a beautiful reading. It was filled with information that truly resonated with me. Her artwork is spectacular, one of a kind. She is extremely talented and I am so grateful for the wonderful guidance.

Lisa A Perez Colon

Jenny is an amazing intuitive and artist! The reading I received was so accurate and I really appreciate all the wonderful guidance she gave me. I look forward to working the the beautiful picture she created, it gave me chills when I first saw it. Thank you so much Jenny!

Sheila Piercey

So accurate and inspirational thank you so much Jenny, you are so kind and wise And the artwork is amazing!!!

Jenna Dee

I was given a reading that was spot on accurate. It really resonated with me, and even more I was given specific suggestions on what I could do to help me with some things I've been struggling with, and I believe this will help me greatly. The picture she made for me is beautiful and reflects the true essence of me. I love it! I highly recommend Jenny! She is very gifted!

April Brancamp

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