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Personalised Chiron Report

Personalised Chiron Report

Find the Gift in your wound.


This personalised written report gives you details on the wounded healer aspect of your chart. Find out what your wound is, when it may have occurred and what the gift is within the wound for you to use it as a strength. 
The report tells you all about your natal Chiron, including aspects to Chiron and what is currently happening with this placement. It will also let you know when your next big Chiron transit is occurring or if it has just recently occurred and what to expect from that.
The Chiron report will be emailed to you in an eBook format as soon as possible for it to be made. I will update with a wait time at the time of ordering. I aim for the quickest turnaround possible.
I will need your date of birth, location of birth and an accurate time of birth for this report to be made.

Thank you so much.

  • Information required for your Chiron Report

    Please add a note in the checkout section with the following information; your Name, Date of birth, location of birth and the exact time of your birth. This is necessary for an accurate reading. The eBook will be written and emailed to you as soon as possible. Please be aware that these reports are personalised and take a little bit of time to create and compile, but I will get it to you as soon as possible.

    (Don't worry if you forgot to add the info at the chekout, just reply to the purchase email with the details or I will contact you if necessary.)

    Thank you


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