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Transformation and Healing as Pluto Moves into Aquarius - Astrology for 2024

Key dates:

·       March 23rd – June 11th, 2023

·       January 20th – September 1st, 2024

·       Retrograde to Capricorn September 2nd to November 19th 2024

·       November 19th, 2024 – March 8th, 2043

·       August 31st, 2043 – January 19th, 2044

Takeaway: Transformation and Healing is in focus as Pluto Moves into Aquarius - Astrology 2024

Transformation is the main goal of Pluto – highlighting hidden themes of our psyche or society and exposing them for them to be released, destroyed but ultimately healed through. On a societal level this is a humanitarian and collective transit – for the greater good and it is about shaking off power and control that isn’t in societies best interest. This can take a long to be exposed and for people to rebel and fight for their freedom This can be done through communities online and in collaboration with technology. All of this is to reclaim power for the people.

We will have very different societies by 2044 – possibly divided with some having built separate communities away from Government ruled restrictions or impositions. The currency going digital brings a form of tracking and lack of freedom and this can’t go well in Aquarius so some will reject this straight away and make moves to define their own societies. Climate change, exposing the powerful in society for anything that is hidden and dark in their worlds, exposing harm to the vulnerable and freedom of movement may be in bog focus during this transit.

The transit through Capricorn showed the power of governments and leaders and the richest in the world to take control and prosper and create cycles of chaos in order to do so. Financial crashes and restriction in our movements are increasing and these are being exposed as power moves that are not in the best interest of all people and Aquarius will strive to make changes to this, now it is being exposed. The financial crash came in2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn. New technologies will rapidly advance now and it may be control through our spending with digital currencies now – but hopefully there will be deregulation and a chance for all people to grow and flourish with Aquarius energies at play. Social media connections and communities are giving people the power of connection and learning like never before and this is going to advance – it needs to be done with the best intentions for it to be successful.

The last time Pluto was in Aquarius there were some revolutions and rebellions in the world. This brought huge changes to who had power in the world.  The American and French revolutions occurred and the Industrial revolutions. This brought freedom and liberation from the English and French monarchies. Even in my own hometown we had a rebellion and uprising in 1798 which was a major time here, we have memorials of this time, statues, rebel songs, streets are named after it.

Pluto ingresses into Aquarius on January 21st or 20th – depending on your location. It moves into Aquarius in conjunction with the Sun, the Sun is highlighting an area that needs transformation and healing in this part of your life. Pay attention to what occurs on this date and the days following to see the themes of Pluto’s transformation during this long term transit. It may not be felt by many people for some time, as it is a slow moving transit and those with angles or planets at the early degrees of Aquarius and the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo and Scorpio will feel this the most. Up to 2 degrees will be felt during this year.

Looking back to March of 2023 and what was occurring at this time will also give you an idea of themes that may come up for you, this was when Pluto first moved into Aquarius and gave us a taste of things to come. In the world at large, Chat GPT took off and really became popular and some of the financial institutions collapsed, so it will be interesting to see what occurs when all the planets go direct on January 27th and from then on into the future of this transit. Lots of new technological advancements and reform of digital currencies and banking are most likely, with power and control at the core of this. So we must be aware and careful of our assets and resources.

Most of the Millennial generation with Pluto in Scorpio and some late degrees of Pluto in Libra are currently and will experience the Pluto square aspect in their lives and this is a challenging transit, that brings some deep and profound reflection, and it is a long transit and ongoing healing. It is one that brings great insights and strength, but we must go through the pain and unearth the changes required first. The strength of this will depending on the personal planets in aspect to this. Pluto rules Scorpio, so the house that Scorpio rules, must also be considered during this transit, as it will encompass themes of this house also. This is incorporated in the 12 signs forecast below.

Pluto is activating the Full Moon in Leo that occurs on January 25th and it activating the Sun by conjunction still, ruler of the house the Full Moon is occurring in. This is a deeply transformational new moon and time to release and let go of anything that is holding you back, nostalgia, traditions and ego can all be features of this Full Moon and releasing this for transformation will bring you to a higher purpose and a more benevolent and optimistic outlook. There is a square to Jupiter occurring with this Full Moon which is protective  but some work is needed to find the wisdom and healing in this energy.

A key date for 2024 is June 3rd, when Pluto will trine Jupiter and it will be felt more strongly by all, this can be a powerful time of healing.

Below is a table with the forecast for each of the 12 signs by Ascendent. This will show you which area of life this long term transit will be activating and transforming, incorporating the energy of the house Scorpio is placed in.

Each sign has a key question that will bring the themes into focus.

A natal chart wheel with house descriptions with a black background highlighted by the Sun
Meaning of houses in Astrology for Pluto Moving into Aquarius



Pluto conjunct the Sun Moves into Aquarius January 20th 2024

House Scorpio resides


11th house

The Sun and Pluto moving into your 11th house and out of your 10th house. The Sun is illuminating anything that may need to be finalised and culminated with your career, with a chance to reassess or revise this one last time in September, before Pluto leaves Capricorn for good.

Moving into your 11th house of friends and social networks, you may connect with people over the internet or use technologies to find community or connection. This could be in areas such as astrology or Spiritual communities as Pluto rules your 8h. It could also be concerning cryptocurrencies and investments. Therapies that are healing via new and alternative methods or work with the mind may also play a role.

This is a humanitarian house, maybe you will work for the collective energies to bring reform or begin to value these things, and this will be something you begin to explore and feel passionate about in the next 20 years. Rewards from the transformation of your career during Pluto’s transit through your 10th house are going to be in the spotlight now, as you move into the 11th.  There may be some challenges with friends and those in your network, as you navigate this transit and you may find you have a different group of friends by the end of this transit. You may be growing in different directions, but any changes in friendships or losses makes way for new and powerful connections to be formed.

Who are my tribe and what are my hopes and dreams?




The Sun and Pluto are entering your 10h – this is the beginning of a transformation in your career house and your public reputation. You may want to investigate all that those in authority tell you and really explore for yourself what you believe to be true. You may have a desire during this transit to change your career completely and things in focus could be online careers, digital or technology careers or moving your business to the online world more, marketing online or starting a platform in the Metaverse for example and who knows what by 2044! You may have been studying or getting some higher learning during the transit through Capricorn, so this is the time to begin to work and get some recognition in your new field. If not, this may represent some overhaul in your work and a change in direction.

Business and marriage partnerships can be a part of this change in career and public reputation.

Am I happy in my career?

7th angle square Pluto – sq AC


9th house                           

Pluto and the Sun move into your 9th house. The Sun may illuminate some ideals or belief systems which you may want to explore. These may be new ways of thinking or higher learnings in Spirituality, Astrology or some esoteric field. This is a time when you can attract teachers that are powerful and can transform your beliefs. Alternatively, you may find yourself questioning your previous belief systems and picking them apart, or something may be discovered that no longer feels aligned or right to you, so you move towards a new and different set of morals and philosophies. The 9th house is the house of foreign travel and you may feel the urge to visit far away places and learn all about the cultures. This is a great time to do so, as it can really open up new ideals and ways of thinking for you and you could meet some powerful people that bring big changes to your life. You may also feel called to move to a foreign place and change things up completely and this could be for work or health reasons as Pluto rules the 6th house.

Further education is another area that can be considered in this transit and this can be any kind of learning, from college, graduate learning or mastering a skill, such as astrology or health and nutrition.

What are my beliefs?

6h – square Pluto fixed


8th house - hidden Pluto themes

Pluto and the Sun moving into the 8th house for Cancer, this can bring a more hidden transformational energy. This is subjective and can be a great time to do shadow work and psychological healing. Working with a therapist to move through fears would be beneficial at this time. This is a great time to use passions and hobbies as a creative outlet and this can be healing through the process. The sun highlights any fears or issues that may need to be healed and worked through over the course of this transit. Pluto is comfortable in the 8h and brings the healing to the next level with concentrated energy, using therapies, such as psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and NLP to transform the inner world.

Joint finances and inheritances feature here also and this can be power and control issues in these areas that need to be worked through. This may be a good time to look at investments, especially in AI and crytpo. This is not financial advice!

What do I need to heal?

5h – sq Pluto fixed


7th house– opp AC

This occurs in you house of close personal relationships, marriage and business partnerships. The Sun is highlighting any areas that may need to be addressed over time and this may show themes of power and control and also a need for equality and freedom in relationships. You will transform how you work in relationships and what you require from them will completely change. This may bring up patterns from family dynamics that need to be transformed and healed through. Strong relationships will work through challenges and be stronger on the other side. You may meet someone over this transit that is very compelling and powerful and you are intensely attracted to. This is in an opposition to the AC and this is an overhaul of what you want in close personal connections.

What do I value in relationships?

4h – angle square AC and Pluto


6th house

Pluto and the Sun are moving into your house of health and daily routine. You will see dramatic changes in how you feel about your fitness levels and health and how you look after your body. You will desire to completely change your eating patterns, your health and nutrition regimes will be in focus and you may spend a lot of time, changing these up to find what feels best.

This also affects your workplace and colleagues. You may find that you need to learn to communicate in a different way or change your workplace completely.  There may be some power struggles with colleagues and this may be a source of frustration that needs to resolve the situation or how you handle these things and your resilience and communication.

You may also have a strong desire to get a pet or you are obsessed with your pet and it brings you so much personal comfort and enjoyment.

How am I healthiest?

3h – square Pluto fixed


5th house

This is a nice house to have Pluto move into. It is concerning your creativity and the transformational power this can bring. You may dive into new and exciting technologies as a hobby or find ways to enhance your creativity. Some of these things may become ways to make an income with Pluto ruling the 2h.

This is also a house of deep attraction to romantic partners and you may have some intense relationships, be careful of the power and control balance. This is also the house of children and parenthood, so this is auspicious for those of you who want to have children and this could become a desire. If not, be warned!

What are my passions?

2h – fixed square to Pluto


4th house

Pluto is at home in the sign of Scorpio, so this is a deeply transformative energy for you as a person and how you relate to your parent’s, family and home life. You may have some power struggles that need to be resolved or family traumas that need to be healed. You may also feel quite rebellious at this time and want to change traditions and begin your own. This is in square to the 1h so you may want to do things your own way and not follow in the footsteps of family before you. You may also want to investigate your heritage and ancestry. Alternatively you may want to change your residence and move to a new home or do renovations on your current home.

What is my role in family?

1h – square Pluto


3rd house

Pluto is moving into the 3rd house of communication, siblings and extended family and merchants. How you communicate is likely to change and there may be some subconscious elements of your communication style that needs to be addressed and transformed. This could also be some power and control issues with siblings or other family members that mat occur and there could be some things that you are not aware of that come to light and need to be addressed. This is also a time that marketing yourself online or some learning online or in digital or advanced technology areas could become an interest to you. Short distance travel and exploration may also occur. Changes and advancements in your local community may be seen over this transit with new technological changes to how things are done or new features and currencies can all be a factor between now and 2044. You may not like this and want to change and find your own way in this case so that you are not controlled or tracked and there is a sense of freedom and liberation required in your daily life and how you conduct your business. This is a generation who are coming into their working age now and Pluto has just moved out of their 2nd house and it may have sown some seeds as to how they work and set values around this for them to move into their adult years.

How do I communicate?

12h – fixed sq Pluto


2nd house

Pluto and the Sun are moving into your second house of values and how you make your income. This is a time for you to find your personal worth and values. It may bring some changes and transformation within your friends and support networks or you may find some new people that are very influential and you align this – it may also be a humanitarian cause and this is where you find your values and purpose. Ultimately there is a change in what you value, what you spend money on, it will most likely still be practical but technology that encompasses practicality will be a big feature. This is also a transit that can change how you make your income and where it comes from. You may completely change your source of income and online work, with communities in any topic – especially practical or leadership roles may be how you work in the future. Working form home or as a digital nomad for example, it may not be the standard way of working anymore. Reform in this area and how people are paid and carry out their work is changing. It may be more online than in person.

What do I value?

11h – sextile AC square Pluto


1st house - AC

This is a big transit for those with Aquarius AC. The sun and Pluto are leaving the 12th house where you have been transforming yourself and your subconscious since 2008. You may have gone through a lot of changes in your Spirituality, connection to your subconscious, sleeping, some hidden enemies may have appeared and brough some challenged – especially if they appeared as friends, you may have suffered some losses and lost some people and also done some shadow work. This is a very hidden house and it may have highlighted addictions or self sabotaging patterns that needed to be transformed. The Sun will highlight over the next couple of days what needs to be finally wrapped up and put to rest, with a chance to revisit and finalise in September.

As the Sun and Pluto moves into the 1st house, it is bringing radical changes and transformation to you as a person – to your image, appearance, body and how you put yourself out to the world. This can also be linked to your career and you may change this direction also. It could also be that you want to focus on your legacy and the mark you want to make in the world. This is a very transformational time and it is going to transit your AC but it is a long transit so this will be felt by those with the AC in the first 2 degrees only this year, so it may only be felt slightly if you are at the later degrees this year. It is going to be felt in your home, relationships and career also over this transit and you will change yourself and these areas during the next 20 years in an empowering way. Think back to March 2023 and it may give some indications as to themes that may occur.

Who AM I?

10h – angle – sq AC/Pluto


12th house

This is a difficult house for Pluto to transit in that it is another hidden house. Pisces can handle it better than other signs as it is a mystical sign and can connect easily and with compassion to the subconscious and Spiritual planes. As I mentioned the areas in focus that will be highlighted when the Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius for Pisces rising are concerned with focus and connection to your Spirituality, connection to your subconscious, sleeping, hidden enemies that appear as friends, there may be some losses and some shadow work. This is a very hidden house, and it may highlight addictions, especially to technology or self-sabotaging patterns that needed to be transformed. Pluto is ruling your 9th house which is trine your AC and this is bringing a higher moral compass to this transit and a deepening of your Spiritual practices and how you connect to the divine. Using technologies to overcome and subconscious patterns that are focused on the mind such as hypnotherapy or NLP could overcome these patterns easily for you. You may also use some new and emerging therapies or technologies. You may also spend time in faraway places for retreats as a form of exploration and connection to your inner self. Astrology is another area of exploration that may come up and help as a guidance system. Overall, it will be a time for inner connection and transformational inner work.

What are my Spiritual practices and how do I connect with myself and Divine will?


9h – sq Pluto - trine AC

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best transformation and healing during this transit.



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