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How to get your exact birth time if it isn't recorded on your Birth Certificate - Ireland only.

Hi everyone,

This is some information to help you get your exact birth time if it wasn't recorded on your birth certificate and you were born in Ireland. Anyone born before 1994 in Ireland did not have a birth time recorded on their birth certificate but you can get access to it, for free, from your hospital records.

It's actually a really easy process, all you need to do is download the file below

, FOI form, and complete it. This can be done on a pc, phone or tablet. In the description part it is pretty clear, but I'll let you know what I did. State you are looking for the exact time of birth and just add your name at birth, your parent's names and address at the time you were born and state it was in the maternity department of the hospital you were born in. I included an image of my birth certificate because I had it available. Add an image of photo id for proof of identity.

Email it to and they will redirect it to the hospital that you were born in and in turn, they will contact you via email. It took a couple of weeks for me to receive mine and all of the departments will differ in processing times.

Download DOCX • 18KB

For all of my customers outside of Ireland, most countries do record it but, if not I would suggest contacting your Freedom of Information office in the hospital that you were born to obtain your record.

What are the benefits of having your exact birth time for an astrology reading?

The reading gives you much more value you if you have your time of birth. Whilst you can still get a lot of information from the date and even an approximate time, you can get so much more from having the exact time.

Knowing this provides us with your:

  • Ascendent sign, how you show yourself to the world and how others perceive you.

  • We can see what houses the planets fall in.

  • What aspects are being made to show us strengths, challenges and remedies.

  • We can see what's is happening in certain areas of life, personal, money, career, finances, relationships, marriage, children, travel, hopes and dreams and much more.

  • It can give us the opportunity to look at timing techniques and see what is happening at the moment and for the year ahead and what will be the predominant themes for you coming up.

  • Where are the best places for you to travel to.

  • And so much more!!

So as you can see there are many options available. I hope this blog helps anyone who may be interested in locating their information.

Thanks so much for reading,


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